How to start a blog in India that makes $2986 in a month

How to start a blog in India. Have you ever thought that what if you make passive income just by following your dream in the future?

Maybe you’re wondering what I am talking about. I know everyone wanted to have a passive income but most of us won’t achieve that.

But don’t worry that I am gonna going to tell you the most successful method for this which makes you a millionaire if you work hard.

You might hear How to become a millionaire? many times but it depends on the way you followed. Nothing is impossible in this world you just need to find a way that leads you not to degrade you.

Here is the deal;

The deal is only for those who are interested in writing. It doesn’t matter what type of writing personality you have.

Now if you have this inclination you gonna soon be your own boss, everyone wanted to live their life like a boss.

So you just need to start a blog? A blog, What’s the shit is this?

Well, this isn’t shit any more people who are doing this now they are living their life like a boss. I will tell you about them below in the post.

But, How to start a blog in India for free in 2021? is still a question for many of us but why? Let’s find out…

If you search this phrase “How to start a blog in India for free In 2021?”

You will be shocked, that the particular phrase has so many results in the frontend.

What about the actual statics of this particular phrase.

Let me show the search result of this particular query. Below is the screenshot of a particular query on Google.

How to start a Blog In India

BOOM! the search number is around 9 figures now you could think, what stopping you to be a Millionaire. Already these peoples are started enrolling themselves in Blogging or thinking to do that.

You are not late, you could start this from today.

I bet after reading my full tutorial on “How to start a blog in India that makes $2986 in a month” you are able to make your own blog that makes you a boss soon.

Starting a blog in 2021 isn’t complicated anymore you all need a little guidance which you are getting for free. Okay, are you ready to take off?

Then, What are you waiting for?

Let’s dive into the game;

Here are the steps through which you can easily start your own profitable blog in 2021 without any mistakes with some bonus tips which help you to rank your new blog faster.

But before starting, let me tell you actually why you should start a blog in 2021?

As I have already told you in the post that blogging can give you what you haven’t dreamed of if and only if you do your best with full determination and continuation.

Though there is various blogging personality who are living their dream life just by working from home by sharing their knowledge through blog.

You might be thinking about why I am sharing all this thing.

So, let me tell you I am doing this because you know how the vast scope of blogging is? Not only just for income or worth you may achieve what you haven’t dreamed of:

Below is some popular blogger from India who became a millionaire at a very young age or achieved their goal and nailed the Blogging Industry.

Amit Agarwal from Labnol

  • Monthly Earning: $60,000 (Estimated)
  • Age: 40 years.
  • Blog/Website: / CTRLQ.ORG

Amit Agarwal, an engineer by profession and a blogger by passion also the first known professional blogger in India who inspires many bloggers to start their blogging journey.

He is the man behind the popular website ( and ( He also worked for famous and reputed companies like GOOGLE before diving into blogging.

Amit holds the Engineering Degree in Computer Science from one of the reputed institutes that is I.I.T. Roorkee (1999) and later at last he quit his corporate job to become the first Indian professional blogger of India.

Harsh Agarwal from ShoutMeLoud

Harsh Agarwal
  • Monthly Earning: $40,000 (Estimated)
  • Age: 33 years.
  • Blog and Website: ShoutMeLoud

Harsh Agarwal a youth and energetic blogger with having monthly income of around $40000. On his official website ShoutMeLoud, he mentioned that he borrowed a credit card to buy his first domain name.

He started his journey on a free website platform by writing on technology. His first income was $10 which makes him believe that earning online is possible.

He has many websites like, If you wanted to know more about him you can visit his official website

Shradha Sharma from YourStory

Shradha Sharma
  • Monthly Earning: $30,000 (Estimated)
  • Age: 37 years.
  • Blog/Website: YourStory.In

Shradha is the leading female Indian blogger. She is known for her globally recognized media website

Her website is about sharing the stories of bloggers, entrepreneurs, founders, leaders, experts, etc. and currently, her website comprises more than 1600+ success stories.

She is a native Indian and as per source detail, she is currently living in Banglore. Below are a few key details related to her.

Note – These blogging profiles are only for reference purposes which lets you believe that you could do more than that if you willing to do and these key details and images are taken from google. If you wanted to read full stories you can navigate to their website.

Wait, this is not the end,

Here are the 6 topmost benefits or advantages you will get through blogging, and the reason why you should start a blog in 2021?

Six Topmost Benefits Of Blogging

Benefits Of Blogging

1. A Great Way To Express Yourself – Every human living on the planet has some hidden talent most of them are able to recognize that particular talent living inside them.

And there are very few people who able to do that and Blogging is a great platform through which you can express whatever you have, it doesn’t matter.

You are the one who can refine the personality measurement in blogging if you really want.

2. Being a Celeb – Who doesn’t want to be a superstar and have some followers and respect in society.

Everyone wanted these things and blogging offers all these things as these will be created by you and by your talent.

3. Financial Source – Blogging is a great way of financial exposure there is no limit on earnings you have a lot of options to earn.

The thing is that you have to decide what you wanted as an earning source like Affiliate Marketing, Sponsorship, Ads Publishing, Selling, etc.

4. Relaxed Life – Blogging offers a great thing that is you don’t need to work under anyone you are your own boss.

There is no one who gave any order to the things you do things that you wanted and whenever or anywhere. There are no restrictions that apply to you.

5. Be An Authority – WWE has Triple H and Stephanie McMahon as an authority in the business which is very hard for others to be the authority. (Ahhh it was just for fun).

But in blogging, there could be anyone who can be the authority and known for his work in the field as Professional Bloggers like Amit Agarwal, Harsh Agrawal, Shradha Sharma, and many others.

6. Can be your carrier option – Well, there are many stories available on the web you read those stories about how some of them quit their job and started blogging as their career.

And above in the post, you can see how Amit turned his passion into a carrier.

Well, above are the benefits, advantages, success stories related to blogging and it was up to you whether you wanted to be your own boss or not, it’s up to you.

Now, If you have decided to do blogging then you must have to read the full blog as this will be very important for new bloggers.

Have you ever thought that is a blog is known as a website or a website is known as a blog?

And because of so much confusion about this, many of you might have searched for this term to get an appropriate answer.

Well, it could be someone’s first search, and might be you are suffering to get the correct answer or you know it. Whatever who knows?

Maybe you have tried but have not got, what you are actually wanted to know but I bet you haven’t to suffer anymore.

For a newbie, this is so confusing they didn’t understand that What is Blog? and What is a Website?

The very first and common question arises when someone thinks to have an online place or presence that what a blog and a Website is?

Here to understand better, first, you need to understand dynamic and static content.

Now for many of you again it’s a little bit confusing so let me clear you the concept of Static and Dynamic content.

Let’s Understand Static & Dynamic Content

Static VS Dynamic

Static Content – well, static content is those content with which you can not interact and not frequently updated.

A webpage having an About section will only allow you to read whatever they show you rather than to interact with it.

Dynamic content – whereas, dynamic content is the type of content that is frequently updated, and you can easily interact with the content.

A webpage having a Quiz page is a dynamic page because on that particular webpage you can easily have your options to choose the correct answer means you can respond to it and they frequently update their content too.

If you understand both these terms clearly now you can distinguish between a blog and a website.

Haven’t got it yet?

Difference between blog portal and website

Website– A website is the store of both dynamic & static content having full control over the database and can be fully customized as per your will.

But most of the time it has been seen that websites generally tend to have static content as compared to dynamic content.

Blog – Blog is the type of website having dynamic content on which you can react and the contents are frequently updated on the other hand websites tend to have more static content as compared to blogs.

This is the main difference between a blog and a website now I think you can distinguish the major difference between these two terms.

Which Is Better a blog or a Website?

Well, both have their advantages and disadvantages. Click here to see the Advantages & Disadvantages of a Blog and a Website? so it becomes very hard to say which is better.

But based on requirements, you can easily judge which is better for you.

Suppose you are a traveler and want to share your glimpse of traveling to the world you must go with the blog rather than a website.

And if you are running a school or a business then it becomes important to have an official website for requirements where all the important school notice, exam result, latest product, customer reviews, etc can be shared.

So to decide which one is better, it depends on the condition and the type of requirement.

Is a blog a part of the website?

Well, I think it will be already cleared to you as above I have mentioned the major difference between blog and website.

But for your ease, I choose to answer this question separately.

Websites delivered more static content as compared to dynamic content (it doesn’t mean that websites don’t have dynamic content) so for some purpose, it becomes important to share dynamic content on the website.

Then to overcome this situation setting up a blog option, on the website results in a solution though it means a website can also have a blog.

And here is the picture of a very popular website and here you can see that this website has a blog option to provide dynamic content.

A blog is a part of the Website. So it will not wrong to say that Blog is a part of the Website.

Now I think you guys have got enough about blogging and related terms.

Let’s see how you can easily create your own blog?

Step: 1 Choosing A Niche For Your Blog


This is the first and the most important step of starting a blog. A niche could be your topic on which your content or blog is focused on.

Niche is very important and plays a crucial role in your success in blogging around 33% of the bloggers failed due to misconception regarding the niche.

Let’s try to understand in an easy way, suppose you want to start a blog and have an interest in sharing the quick way to dress up, wedding dresses, smart clothing style, beauty tips.

Then your niche should be related to the fashion industry or market which makes you feel reliable and comfort of doing it not to make you feel lazy in doing that.

If the niche is per your interest then you develop a self-willpower in doing that and you could write more than 100+ articles on the particular topic. If you are able to do this then only that could your niche.

How to select your niche?

Choosing or selecting a niche is hard as it seems but can become easier if you follow this working rule:

1. Take a paper and a pen or anything on which you can write.

2. Now write down all your favorite topics.

3. After, writing all the topics now categorize them in their particular category.

4. Select a few categories on which you can work.

5. It’s time to do research, open any search browser, and do a little research on your topic. You can take the help of Google trends.

6. Again select the popular topic on which you feel writing comfortably.

7. Open Ubbersuggest (or any keyword research tool) and find the related competitive keywords to get an idea of competition in the niche market.

This can be the last step in selecting the niche if you found the right niche you can leave or you can do more research to get more ideas. It’s up to you.

Step: 2 Registering A Domain Name


A domain name will be the address of your website or a blog available in the various TLD format like .com, .in, .org, etc.

Registering the domain name is easy as you think you just need to register on any domain registrar website like GoDaddy, Hostinger, Bigrock, etc.

These are a few of the top-level domain registrar website through which you can easily buy and register your domain.

But, there are some aspects that must be followed for better visibility on the web which leads an advantages for your blog.

Let’s see the important factor regarding registering a domain name.

1. Your domain name should be related to your niche.

2. Always prefer top-level domain name known as TLDs like .com, .in, .org, etc.

3. Prefer the short domain name.

4. Don’t go with a free domain name that has a negative impact on your blog.

Step: 3 Purchasing A Hosting For The Blog

After purchasing the domain name now the next thing you need to set up a blog is purchasing the hosting.

Basically, it is the type of web service that stores your web data which can be easily accessible worldwide via web service.

Hosting stores all the processed, as well as raw data of your website which can be easily accessible by the user from the front-end, can be also understood as private cloud storage especially for web services.

There are a lot of hosting types available for the services that differ as per the price. Generally, hosting is costly and typically a lowered hosting can cost up to Rs. 800 for a year.

But, I have a great deal for you guys, You can get a hosting service at just Rs. 29 monthly.

If you are interested then you can click the banner below, after clicking you will be redirected to the hosting site.

best recommended hosting

I have used this website service and found the performance beyond my expectations and still using the economy pack, just go for it.

Highly recommend it to you if you wanted to start a blog with less amount.

Step: 4 Connecting the Domain with Hosting

This is the most important step to successfully set up the domain name with hosting.

Follow these steps to connect a domain name with hosting easily for any website.

1. Log in to your domain provider website. ( From where you have purchased the domain)

2. Navigate to the Domain Management page for your domain which you like to connect.

3. Go to or find the “Manage DNS” option for the selected domain.

4. Scroll down or find the “Nameserver” option on your screen.

5. Now you need to update the default nameserver with the custom nameserver. You can get your particular nameservers from your hosting provider or in your email sent by them.

6. Now you need to fill your two nameservers starting with NS1 for the first and NS2 for the second one.

7. Click on the save or update button and you are done.

Note: Generally this process of updating the nameserver takes time. Have Patience 🙂

Step: 4 Installing and setting up the WordPress

Now, it’s time to install WordPress on your domain name. You may choose any other CMS depends on your will but here we are installing WordPress.

Steps to install WordPress on any domain using Cpanel (softaculous app installer) successfully:

1. Open your Cpanel.

You can open Cpanel directly by typing Cpanel at the end of the domain name. Eg.

Your browser may ask to enter the user id and password associated with that Cpanel account.

2. Now you are entered into your Cpanel successfully.

3. Now scroll down your Cpanel page until you will find a Softaculous App Installer.

4. Open App Installer.

5. Select WordPress from the available options and click on Install Now.

6. Now you will be asked to enter and assign details like software setup, site setting, admin account, choose a language, install plugins, etc.

Just go with few basic details and do these later once you entered the WordPress.

Here what you need to enter or assign:

  • Select the latest version of WordPress.
  • Select the format of your URL.
  • Enter the admin user name, password, and email for future login.
  • Assign database name and table prefix name.
  • Select the theme which you want. You can change it later.

7. After entering the required details click on install.

Once the installation is completed you will successfully install wp on your domain.

8. Now type login at the end of your domain to login to the WordPress dashboard.


Enter the username and password previously created during wp installation.

You are done.

Step: 5 Installing a Theme on your new WordPress Dashboard

install wordpress

When you browse your website or blog you will have the default WordPress template as selected during installation.

So that theme looks weird on the user interface you need to change the theme.

You can install a free theme or a paid theme. If you go with a paid theme you will have fu authority to customize it as you wanted with some extra features which surely help you to build an awesome blog or website.

But the paid theme is very expensive so might you can’t afford that but wait we have a collection of the most popular WordPress template which you could download at a very cheap price.

And also can avail of discounts if you opted for bundle themes with amazing features and 1-year updates.

Step: 6 Start Writing Posts

It’s time to write your posts.

Hurray! You have successfully created a blog and it’s time to show your talent on your own website.

Also Read: How To Write Your First Blog Post? 29 Authority Tips in 2021

Here’s the quick blog writing guide that makes you work smartly and confidently.

1. Smart way to customize your blog or website

If you wanted to customize your blog just like ours or like any other professional website.

Then you need to have site builders like Elementor, Thrive-Architect, WP Bakey, etc.

If you install the free version you have limited access to their assets which makes you feel sad as they have lovely collections of pro assets.

So if you wanted you can shop from our website at a cheap price.

2. Plugins for SEO optimized article writing

If you are serious about your blog or website you need to focus on the SEO which has a great effect on ranking.

If you know how to do the proper SEO then just go ahead and if you don’t then don’t worry.

Yoast will help you in doing proper SEO optimization. You can download the free version available on the WordPress plugin section. It is good but if you wanted to have a pro version visit our shop.

3. Advanced Keyword Research

Keywords are key for success as it’s apart of SEO these are the vast topic I will cover these on other posts but here I can only suggest you add a minimum of 4 to 5 keywords on the post. You will get full suggestions if you have the Yoast Pro version.

4. How A Post should be?

Talking about a post then your post minimum has 300 words and there is no restriction on maximum words. If you are writing more words can be beneficial in post ranking.

5. Images

A good post must have a minimum of 2 images and a maximum of 4 to 5 images that engage users.

Alternatively, you can add infographics too for your post this lets your user help in better understanding and also your post can get social shares.

Final Words on Starting A Blog

Creating a blog isn’t a big deal these days. There’s a ton of blog and website available on the web which guide you on this.

But, the way of elaborating is different for each website and the way of understanding is also different.

So I have taken due care of that and tried my best to add common words that can be easily understood by everyone.

Hosting is the base of your house and domain is the name of the house through which it gets recognized.

And WordPress acts like the design of the house which makes the blog or website look good.

WordPress is the most used CMS all over the world it is because the features it offers to customize or build is limitless.

You can do anything that you wanted the thing is that you have the knowledge to do that.

That’s why it is the most used CMS all over the world. Around 37.5% of the user uses WordPress as their Content Management System.

This is my personal experienced knowledge that I share hope this experienced guide will help you guys creating your new blog.

Comment down how you like this post or anything I should add to make it more beneficial to you, I am always waiting for your best feedback.

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