What are dofollow and nofollow backlinks? [Link Building Hacks]

Link Building Hacks (dofollow and nofollow backlinks) – You always need to be smart enough to beat your competitor and in this post, I’m going to show you the working plan to make it happen.

In this post, you are going to learn what are dofollow and nofollow backlinks and how it helps you to rank your post? whether it will be a new or an existing post.

Sounds cool…

Are you facing problems ranking out your brand new website or an old website? Don’t worry after reading this post you will be going to beat your competitor. Hurray!

Some of you might have published quality content articles with perfect On-Page SEO score yet your website is not performing well.

For which you might have tried everything so far optimizing On-Page SEO like updating content, internal linking, image alt, proper heading, etc. but fails to rank out your website?

Then let me tell you, that you don’t need to worry about anything, nothing is wrong with your website and its content.

Then why Its not ranking?, Lets find out…

The major problem with these websites is that the website doesn’t have much trust score, as a result, to serve quality content to the users, search engines don’t push the ranks of the post of these websites as well.

What is a website trust score and how it will help in ranking?

Trust score is nothing it is the Authority Score of a website that shows the trust of the website, the higher the Authority Score of a website or domain the more trusted website it is among the user as well as also for the search engines.

Domain Authority Impact On Website
Impact of DA Image by MonsterBlogging

Authority Score also known as Domain Authority generally based on a scale of 1 to 100. So the closer the domain score is to 100 the better impact is seen on the websites. However, the impact of the links or domain is strongly based on the web niches.

This is website measurement scale is developed by MOZ and as per the MOZ, the Domain Authority (DA) of a website predicts how likely a website or its post is to rank on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

So now got to know, why any new website or a website whose Domain Score is not good typically faces the ranking problem. But it is also not that if your website is new or your domain score is not good, then your website will not rank.

Your website and its content will rank but the ranking speed will be slow might takes time to index the website or post. That’s why I always suggest you also work on Off-Page SEO strategies.

Now let’s see how you can increase your website Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA)?

In order to achieve a good DA and PA, it is required to work on backlinks. Without backlinks, it is not possible to increase the Domain Score of a website.

Let’s dive into the Backlink world…

What is backlink with example?

In simple words, backlinks refer to a link on any webpages which target back to the other site.

To understand it better, let’s suppose a website (www.mainwebsite.com) this website is the main or primary website on which backlink is required.

As to create backlinks, the author or manager of the website should create a link of its own website or any page, on another webpage (www.webpage.in).

Through any medium by commenting, posting an article, building a profile, by finding broken links say any of the media it doesn’t matter.

Now, suppose the author of the main website has commented on its views by mentioning the web/page link then when the comment with link goes live that particular link is now known as a backlink.

As that particular link on comment is linking the main (other) website from another website. That method of getting a link is a type of link building. There’s are various ways to create a backlink or to get a quality backlink.

What is Backlink with Example?
Backlink Image by MonsterBlogging

As you can see in the image there’s a text which is linking the other domain on a webpage. The text on which the link is embedded is known as Anchor text.

And it’s very important to have an anchor text for any backlink. I hope it is clear now about what is the backlink with example?

Types of Backlink

The types of the backlink are based on the nature of its creation or how it created, therefore there are two types of Backlinks (dofollow and nofollow backlinks)

  1. Do-Follow Backlink
  2. No-Follow Backlink

These two types of the link have little name difference but the impact of both links is highly uncomparable. Both links are important in their own nature we will discuss them later in the post.

What is dofollow and nofollow backlinks?

Do-Follow Backlink– In simple words, the normal link format that you see or know is a do-follow link. This means the hyperlink in the below-given format is do-follow links.

Means the hyperlink in the format <a href="www.link.in">This is a do-follow backlink</a> 

These links don’t have any other attributes except “anchor tag” and its element “href“. Those links are usually do-follow links.

Do follow link tells the search engine bots to follow the link which passes the link juice and has an impact on the page ranking.

No-Follow Backlink – It is just similar to the do-follow link but has the attribute “rel=nofollow” which tells the search engine bots to not follow the link.

The format for no-follow backlinks is as follows:

<a href="www.link.in" rel="nofollow"> This is not a dofollow backlink as it has an attribute rel="nofollow" </a>

As per the SEO concept, the No-Follow backlinks aren’t necessary for a page ranking as these links don’t pass the link juice to the linking website. But these links are helpful in getting referral traffics which is pretty good.

Therefore if you work for no-follow then it is not a waste for your website but can be beneficial in other ways too.

Which is better dofollow or nofollow backlink?

Both links (dofollow and nofollow backlinks) type has their own advantages one helps you in getting link juice from other quality websites and the one helps you in getting traffic through any medium.

But, if we talk from the view of Search Engine Optimization then obviously Do-Follow link is better in comparison to the No-Follow backlink.

Are you still condused which one JPG, PNG or other format you should use?

Now lets see why and how the do-follow and no-follow are important?

Firstly we will talk about the no-follow backlinks and then head to do-follow links important.

Why no-follow backlinks are important?

The first and the top reason to say that no-follow links are also important is that if you get a top contextual no-follow link from any reputed or known blog or website then you will get an additional boost to your website.

For example:

Your site gets a contextual nofollow link back from an entrepreneur website then you will get an ultimate boost to your site or blog as these niche websites have much more traffic than any other niche.

So, once your website gets linked on that websites you will definitely see the ultimate leverage boost to your web traffic.

The other reason to say that no-follow links are important is that if you have a good quality backlink then the domain authority of your website also increases.

Why do-follow backlinks are important?

I guess everyone is well familiar with do-follow links and their importance as I have already mentioned in the above paragraphs tha do follow passes the link juice to the targeted website.

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And the link juices are extremely important for SEO as well as ranking purposes. The more the dofollow backlinks a website has the more link juice it has which helps in page ranking and increasing the page authority as well as domain authority.

How to generate backlinks?

This the most asked question on my telegram channel and other social profiles. So it becomes important to tell you guys the ways to generate or create a high-quality backlink.

Create a backlink usually refers to the do-follow backlink as no one is interested in no-follow backlinks as those links are also important. So. let’s see the possible ways to acquire a do-follow backlink from high-quality websites.

As I have already mentioned that backlinks can be created using different method such as:

  • Blog Commenting
  • Profile Building
  • Writing Guest Post
  • Adding on forum sites
  • Social Sharing
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Paid Backlinks etc.

Above mentioned ways are working methods and by finding any relevant website you can acquire the do-follow link. If you are not able to find a website that offers do-follow backlinks don’t worry.

I will update the complete list on the post. Also, you can join our telegram channel for the list of website links.

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List of High Quality Backlinks
Authority backlink List Image By MonsterBlogging

What is the important of backlink in seo?

In Search Engine Optimization there are two things you need to do to optimize the entire website or blog and that are On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

On-Page SEO deals with on-page optimization which includes the optimization of the Title tag, Heading tag, Paragraph word counts, Image Alt placement, Keyword placement, use of web enhancement, page structure, permalink optimization, and many others.

Whereas Off-Page SEO deals with domain optimization which can be done only by a few of the techniques, and that also involves backlinks which is a great factor of doing off-page optimization.

So, it is clear that the backlinks are valuable and highly required for Search Engine Optimization.

Final Verdict on Backlinks

In this post, you got to know that a Backlink is a type of hyperlink which links your website with any other website that targets back to your site.

Also in the backlinks, the priority refers to the do-follow backlinks as it is the only link that passes the link juice which helps in ranking a webpage.

No-follow links are also important but they will not help in webpage ranking as it has nofollow attribute which informs the bot to not follow the links hence there will be no link juice. But these links help in getting additional traffic.

A new website faces a lot of problems in indexing the URLs, ranking even having a great page score just because that site is new and it doesn’t have the good Domain Authority and Page authority.

Also sometimes having both doesn’t help in ranking just because of the level of competition on the keyword.

That is the only reason why I suggest to every new blogger or site owner to choose the low competitive keywords with low volume.

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The low competitive keyword having low search volume will definitely help you to rank and get index faster.

This is all about the backlinks (dofollow and nofollow backlinks) and the importance of backlinks in SEO with the related topics on this. Hope you guys like it.

Please provide your valuable feedback below in the comment section. Share this post if you think it will help someone who needs this guide.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

How to build backlinks without paying for it?

As I have mentioned the available methods for creating or building do-follow backlinks. Soon I will upload the list of top websites that offer do-follow backlinks.

How to check backlinks in google analytics?

Yeah, you can find the backlink details in Google Analytics just by navigating to Acquisition Reports in the Referral tab.

How to get dofollow backlink from quora?

No, quora don’t offer do-follow backlink but you can get high-quality niche related no-follow link and traffic as well.

How to check dofollow backlinks?

There’s are a number of tools are available in the market to check the backlinks details and in their dashboard, they separately mentioned the link type. Ahref, UbberSuggest, SpyFu, are some best tools to find backlinks details.

How to get dofollow backlinks from amazon, reddit and facebook?

Currently there’s no any way to get a dofollow backlink from these top sites.

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