7 Best Niche for Blogging with Tons Of Traffic [Niche Ideas 2021]

Best Niche for Blogging to get tons of traffic to boost your web also your financial conditions discover Blogging Niche Ideas below in the post.

Are you planning to start a new blog in 2021? That’s sound great

Starting a blog is easy isn’t like building a website there is no need for any technical knowledge.

Yes, if you don’t have any specific technical knowledge then also you can start your own blog.

I have written a complete guide on How To Start A Blog In 2021? You can read that post if you need any help starting a blog.

If you feel like starting a blog isn’t your problem anymore and if you find difficulties in selecting a niche to start with.

Then this special Best Niche for Blogging Guide is especially for you. In this post, you will get the top 7 best blogging niche which enables traffic as well as financial sources.

So what are you are waiting for let’s discuss the best blogging niche for your blog in 2021?

What is a Niche?

Generally, people mesh up with niche and topic but there is nothing like to mess it with. Niche is a specifically focused subtended topic that can be crafted by yourself to produce a niche.

We can say that niche is a small part of any topic on which content is focused on it is like a treasure.

If you are successful in discovering a niche for yourself then no one can stop you.

Therefore In blogging, this particular term has a class of itself which is known as Niche Blogging.

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So, if someone is doing focused blogging on any topic or its sub-topic like Best Energy Drink, Best Women Weeding Saree, Men Shoes, Soundproof products, etc.

There is no limit on creating a niche for yourself the only thing you need to do is find the right one for yourself.

And to find the right one needs much more hard work and also takes time. But you guys don’t worry.

I have done detailed specific targeted research on the topics and come up with this post so that you can have these niches to start your blog.

How To Choose Niche For Your Blog In 2021? [Niche Ideas]

blogging niche ideas

As we know there is a lot of blogs and websites are available on the internet but few of them perform well.

Why did this happen?

Actually, whenever someone’s trying to start a blog they probably failed or forget to do basic homework which is really important.

The reason can be anything but for those who have written a good number of post content and still fails in achieving the target.

They haven’t gone through the basic setup of their blog. The reason can be

  1. They haven’t followed their niche.
  2. Post Content quality.
  3. Content length.
  4. Post Content purity.
  5. Content behavior
  6. Right keywords
  7. Not written on the problems.
  8. Website SEO problem

There are a lot of problems and might the problem lies in the category so to avoid that you must choose your niche very carefully.

You should choose that niche on which you have deep knowledge and you are able to negotiate different problems, queries through which you can generate unique posts.

You will only get succeeded in this field if you succeed to find the demands, problems, and requirements.

Overall the Niche plays an important role in blogging which could not be skipped anymore.

Niche always should be unique and targeted then only you will get succeeded one day.

Below are the top 7 best niches for blogging with niche ideas once you read them out you will get a clue on how to choose the perfect one.

Here we go, let’s see…

Top 7 Best Niche for Blogging That Actually Makes Money Online

Whenever someone tells about making money then the reaction of 95? people Where does this happen?

That’s not possible but as time passes people started revealing their worth with proof.

Then everyone starts trying to make money online now this job becomes competitive.

So in the competitive field, you need to be faster and smarter so for this you need to think of something unique. If you wanted to be first in the race.

Whatever I am sharing here is my self researched topic on which you can create your own niche and start your own blog.

But before starting don’t forget to do your own research might the scope changed in the meanwhile. (Here the game is dependent on statics)

But I am pretty sure that you will get an idea of how to create your own niche for blogging and be number one in the race.

Below are the top 7 most searched the best niche for blogging

best niche for blogging in 2021

1. Food

In our list, we placed Food in the first place as this is one of the topics on which you can blog on a specific niche as much as you can.

This is a vast topic and also everyone including me and you is fascinated with the taste of the food.

So you just need to create your own hidden niche with high potential for ease.

You can create a niche based on the different regions taste such as

  1. Western Veg Recipes
  2. Western Non-Veg Recipes
  3. Eggless recipes
  4. Northern cuisine
  5. Recipes without sugar

Above are a few random topics on which you can do research for getting your niche.

2. Insurance

You might get surprised but this is one of the best topics on the internet which can attract any user toward it.

And also this one is one of the best topics on which google’s CPC bid is high.

And the possibility of creating a niche is great there is a lot of options that you can explore.

You can also subcategorize the entire topic into various categories separately. Like health insurance, vehicle insurance, third party insurance, zero-depth cover policy, etc.

Now if you pay attention to the niche these topics have their own importance and separate statics which are searched by tons of users.

These niches also enable your blog to maximize your revenue by various forms including showing relevant ads, affiliate marketing, etc.

Overall any niche obtained from the root Insurance is great for setting up a micro-niche blog as well as a targeted blog.

3. Fashion & Designing

Every second a user search related to fashion in different categories.

And the best thing is that most of the user isn’t satisfied with the content in one go they also try other content too as users worries about their look.

So if you have the talent of any form in the fashion and designing industry then you should try this niche once.

And I bet if you follow our rules on starting a blog you will surely get the results.

This industry also has a great scope for different subcategories that are totally independent of each other.

4. Biography’s

Fans are eagerly waiting to know amazing facts or in-depth details about their heroes as well as their ideals.

And we know that there are a number of websites already present for sharing these details like Wikipedia (a hub for different resources).

And now if someone tries their hand in this particular topic they might fail. Instead of doing work on this, you should try to redefine this term in different forms like Youth Superstar Bio, Poets Biofacts, female stars bio, etc.

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This kind of niche made your work focused on a topic and if you work hard then definitely when someone performs a query your web result also appears.

As you are dealing with a different, specific, targeted work and all the content categories relevant to each other which attract users to spend more time.

5. Vehicle Caring

Buying a brand new vehicle whether it’s a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler is a dream of everyone.

Who doesn’t like to live their life comfortably having all the on go resources for themselves?

And when they make their dream come true then the person always does care of their vehicle and for this, they need tips and tricks regarding their vehicle.

So this is a great topic to start a new blog on vehicle caring. It’s up to you how you choose and present in front of their audience.

Here are a few of the random niche in this topic that is two-wheeler caring, four-wheeler caring, best vehicle body parts, etc.

If you work on these niches smartly then you will surely get success in blogging. Working smart is the key to success.

6. Pets Caring

People love to have a pet in their home as they are cute and are friendly. There are lots of people who love to have a pet.

For them, their responsibility towards their pet increased for which they look for different ways of caring, feeding, etc.

Also, they always need pets products with details and at the best price so if you know about this niche then you have a great niche, to begin with.

Your blog stats will get increased if you target something different and these kinds of blogs have a golden chance to do affiliate marketing.

You can starts with different types of blogs in this niche depending on what you are interested in?

7. DIY

DIY refers to Do It Yourself is a kind of teaching and learning hacks. Usually, these kinds of niche get more clicks by users.

And also if you share these posts and hacks on social sites then users will definitely love these posts.

As these types of niche content are attractive, engaging eventually is different and amazing. So people are fascinated to know the trick and also implement it.

There is no limit on creating a sub-niche from the root DIY. Everything is dependent on you how you start, how you present, how you write, what you choose.

The chances of ranking on these niches are almost greater than any other niche because this content has more chances of getting viral on social sites.

Best Blog Niches 2021 For Hindi Content

In India, most of the other bloggers prefer to work in Hindi content as they feel comfortable in their native language. And it’s great that they are giving the priority to the Hindi language.

Technically, this is an advantage for all Hindi content bloggers as in India, Hindi is also a popular language and their readers are also excited to read Hindi content.

Because there are so many languages in India that’s why there’s not so the majority of Hindi bloggers but whatever the figure is, still they also have a tough competition in their field.

Mostly 90% of the blog are in English all over the world. That’s why everyone is working in English. But in this post, you will also find the Best Niche for Blogging In Hindi.

So all Hindi bloggers who are interested and finding the right niche in Hindi to start their blog or else they wanted to work on it. All Hindi niches listed below have low competition and have high search volume.

Let’s find out the Profitable Hindi Niche For Blogging:

Here are the Top 7 Profitable Niche For Blogging In Hindi 2021

blogging niche ideas 2021

1. Lyrics Website

So our very first niche for Hindi bloggers is Lyrics Website. Yes, this is one of the evergreen niches, if you willing to work on this then you can definitely rank your website on this and there’s no problem with getting AdSense approval on it.

You might be thinking about how you can rank on search engines as there are so many websites are there with decent traffic. Then let me tell you that, there is nothing like that a new website cant rank not only for this niche also for others.

If you have good tactics and SEO knowledge then you can rank your website with ease. Only need to work hard with regularity.

Now here’s a bonus tip for ranking your lyrics website:

If you are going to start or already have a lyrics website then you should read this bonus which helps you ta understand rank math.

  • Select a targeted niche for your readers – There are so many lyrics websites on the internet so if you work on the same then the website will take time to rank. So avoid the popular parent niche, instead of that, you can go with the child niche.
  • As the music industry is large and each artist has their separate fanbase so instead of focusing on every artist you can go with any single artist. And if you work on that you will be going to be a success.
  • Always pre-publish the lyrics post so that it can start ranking.
  • Try to share on social groups as people love to read lyrics.
  • Don’t forget to post regularly, this will boost the presence.

2. Kitchen Guides

Again one of the best parent niche for Hindi bloggers. Everyone loves to cook, eat, and try something new. So, if you work on the child niche of Kirchen then definitely rank your website and able to generates a lot of traffic.

There are so many children (micro) niches that can be created on this popular blogging niche idea 2021. The best thing about this niche is that you don’t have to be a professional to write.

As I have said you can create your own niche to work on so that you will love to work.

Bonus tip for Kitchen Niche:

  • You need to present smartly and in a unique way.
  • Share the recipe post with attractive images.
  • Do research for the unique topic and stick around that like a bee.

3. Children Care

Children care is one of the most popular niches all over the world. Every parent is worried about their baby’s care. New generation parents don’t have that much knowledge in baby caring so they are always in search of better caring tips.

And if you have good knowledge in child care then you should work on this niche. This niche also has a lot of opportunity for child niches.

But this niche has a disadvantage like other niches you can’t post any random content. This niche requires a lot of effort in doing research and other things.

And to work on this niche you should a depth knowledge then only your website or blog will be accepted by the readers.

Bonus tips for Child Care:

  • Find out the less competitive keywords.
  • Try to figure out the basic need for parenting.
  • You have to do proper research before posting.
  • You need to focus more on social media this niche has great chances of getting viral.

5. Modern Technology

If you are active on social media then you might have seen various video post on social media which shows the upcoming technologies.

And these types of posts will be loved by everyone. So this niche has also a good chance of getting viral on social media.

You could explore this niche widely and find out the working one, on which you are able to write content.

Almost every user has a social media account and this type of stuff will be loved by everyone. So there are a lot of opportunities to work on it.

Bonus tips for Modern Technology Niche:

  • This niche requires media attraction.
  • If possible add at least one video for better reaches.
  • Always try to post unknown technologies posts.
  • You need to be active on social media so that you can grab user attention.

6. Health and Beauty products

It is not hidden from anyone and not any secret anymore the health and beauty products are used by almost everyone and these products are in demand and always will be.

If we talk about the growth of this niche then this niche idea 2021 has a massive growth from time to time.

Also, like other blogging niche ideas 2021 this niche has a lot of opportunity in itself to discover several micro-niches.

The keyword has an overall 12k+ searches worldwide with a keyword difficulty of only 29. That is a good sign to work on this niche for the best niche for blogging in 2021.

Bonus tips on Health and Beauty Products:

  • This niche has several sub-niches to work on.
  • Can get good attraction social engagement for growth.
  • Need good research on content.
  • Publishing posts on regular basis provides a high impact.

7. Decoration (LED)

Who doesn’t love to do decorations? Everyone, Right?

And that’s a great thing for you almost for everyone who is reading this post. Why I am saying this?

Actually, this keyword has a good search volume with very low keyword difficulty. And there’s a lot of opportunities that can be discovered for this keyword.

On every occasion, festivals, etc. people always do light decorations and if you have an e-commerce website then you should work on this niche.

Not only for e-commerce anyone can work on it following the same strategy of discovering the child niche and doing a little effort towards it.

Bonus tips for LED Lights:

  • Work on a micro-niche like (small led light), you will get a different result.
  • Here, social media help you to get visitors.
  • It has a great chance of selling products. You can add affiliate links.
  • For new bloggers, research and regularity are needed.

Note for blogging niche ideas 2021:

  1. In this part of the post, I have added only those niches which can be easily ranked only if work smartly. You need to do proper research before selecting the niche.
  2. If you are able to discover a unique targeted niche and worked on it then you defiantly get succeeded in blogging.

Magnificent Tips for Niche for Blogging

If you are planning to start with the above listed or any other topics then you are going to start the best thing of your life.

Writing a blog boost both, the mind and the money. But making money from the blog is kinda tough and requires patience.

But if you go with the explained strategy and the topics then you can achieve both in a very short span of time favorably.

For smarter blogging here are the magnificent tips which definitely help you to increase the presence of your blog.

  • Always go with the most demanding and long-lasting topic.
  • Always try to solve the problem for what the user is looking for?
  • Make your user engaged in your content.
  • Offer them related topics so they can explore more.
  • Always try to not go beyond your subject.
  • Try to put some contextual facts regarding the subject.
  • Always try to post at least one factual image.
  • This insists users share with their respective social profiles.
  • At the end of the blog always ask for feedback through comments.
  • Try not to write content very hard to make it easier to easily understand by everyone.

Final words on Best Niche Ideas for Blogging with Niche Blog in 2021

This is all about the Top 7 Best Niche For Blogging in 2021 which is written to help you with hidden topics and make you think about the related ones.

And in the post, I have covered those topics which are very vast as an ocean is the thing is that how you catch the fish?.

Whether you catch small or big it’s totally up to you, we only help through our different guiding skills the major work will be done by you.

These posts enable you to think of those topics on which you can actually work and show off your talent to the world.

I have tried to cover every essential thought which makes things great if you have any suggestions or query please feel free to comment below. Your feedback or suggestions is very important to me.

Now it’s your turn to think, create, and implement the work and let us know on which niche you are going to create your blog.

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