How To Write Your First Blog Post? 29 Authority Tips in 2021

How To Write Your First Blog Post? I am pretty sure everyone has faced this mind bursting question when they think to write their first blog. Don’t worry, it’s normal.

Everything starts with the first one and you are going to do that, it is relatively general for everyone. Here in this post, we are going to discuss “how to write a blog post“.

However, starting isn’t easy for a beginner they have to overcome many idiotic sentiments like hesitation, overthinking, etc. Everyone, including me, has gone through this cause starting invariably begin with zero.

A little bit of elation 

The day when you just speculate to start your blog either by getting inspired or by yourself. That day you are pleased and see a thousand dreams. 

After that, you proceed to purchase a domain and hosting. This happens almost with everyone but you forget to plan niche and strategy.

And after this, you think to write a blog post and your intuition starts on How To Write Your First Blog Post. And that’s why you are searching for a post to get help.

Let’s dive into the game:

If you have planned both then you might thinking of the different ways to write, how to write, and what to write (An Introductory Post Or Any Random/Business Posts).

You may also think about whether the user likes the post or not, whether they get help from the post or not. Should I write or not? There are a lot of questions rising and roaming in your mind.

Verdict – Fear Of Getting Stuck

So don’t worry today in this post your fear of getting stick will be gone forever. Don’t forget to download the first blog post template.

Ultimate Guide: How To Write Your First Blog Post? 29 Authority Tips in 2021. 

How To Write Your First BlogPost?
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I am going to tell you all the possibilities with 29 Authority Tips and Blogging Ideas that help you to overcome this dilemma.

Before heading to the main content let’s see a few examples of famous bloggers all over the world that stimulate your confidence.

Self Confidence is an important factor in the accomplishment of anything.

By Unknown

So here is the surprising unpretentious and not so stunning first blog post of famous bloggers. 

Amit Agarwal (First Blog Posts of Famous Bloggers)

Amit is known for the birth of Blogging In India. He is a professional blogger on the list of world bloggers. 

So I have placed him on the first because if you read his life story then you will be amazed reading his life journey. Amit had worked with Google and many other reputed MNCs across the world.

In an interview with YourStory, he shared the way of writing and also about his first blog post that he had written.

The statement, “I’ve been very clear about writing about software/products based on my own experiences rather than going by news/sources. Though Google Photos was announced earlier, only after spending a month using it, I was convinced to write an in-depth review about it“.

So as per his statement on, you can see he follows his interest and grew up extensively.

Harsh Agarwal (First Blog Posts of Famous Bloggers)

Harsh is one of the top bloggers in India his blogging story is motivational and heart whelming. 

On his website, he shared his blogging journey in which he started his life journey which began in 2008 after an accident.

He mentioned that he started his blogging career through a blogpost named virgin tech. blogspot and later he migrated his website to WordPress with hosting and a domain.

His starting began with a free platform called BlogPost with his first tech blog and now he is one of the popular blogging faces of India.

Prior, blogging was done as a passion by a few of us, and nowadays, when blogging has grown people doing it as a career option. 

That’s why there are more than 600 million blogs are in the world and almost 31 million blogs are published each month. 

Now I think these numbers itself, showing the craze of blogging around the world. If we talk about the first blog posts of famous bloggers then our list becomes numberless cause it’s not possible to mention the first blog post of a famous blogging personality.

Do you also want to create your Blog? Have a look at this Killer Guide On Creating A Blog.

Now if you can imagine the future and scope of blogging, you may understand the importance of blogging and its craze excessively.

When it comes to writing the very first post for the blog everyone is excited and at a moment they confuse in selecting their post type.

Whether they shall write an Introductory post – which tells about themselves and also about their blog and it’s Importance preferentially a unique post related to their niche.

So let me tell you that both are vital and can be easily written. But, which one first? 

So it depends upon the occurrences of the blog and its targeted reader.

That’s the reason above in the paragraph I have shared the blog journey story of the famous blogging personality of India.

The first one is Amit Agarwal, who is the man behind the popularity and birth of blogging in India. So for him, it’s become important to share his journey with us. So that he can inspire others to work in this field and he succeeded in doing that. 

On other hand, Harsh Agarwal also a famous blogger of India. And during his debut in blogging people typically commencing blogging.

So for him, it’s not very much important to share his journey that’s why he hasn’t mentioned his journey initially.

After becoming a known person in this field he later shared his blogging, journey on one of his blogs.

Now you have seen the two different situations and their opting way so it’s clear that you can opt for anyone as per your need.

Now for those who planned to write their first blog post as an Introductory post. Below is the complete guide to draft their first blog post with the first blog post template.

What is an Introductory Post and how it should like? (Introductory Blog Post Example)

Starting a blog is all about the game of attracting visitors.  But when you plan to start a new blog you may have some unique strategy that matters for the growth of your blog.

If your first post is about your blog introduction then writing a casual post can not be interesting to attract visitors.

So to make your blog post attractive and unique than you should follow some guides regarding writing a blog post.

Here is the detailed guidance for writing an introductory post with the first blog post template.

Whenever you write an Introductory post then first you should divide the contents thoroughly to avoid misunderstanding among the users. 

Introduce yourself in starting and then jump to your casual life instead of jumping to professional life.

Elaborate yourself in a funky way to make craze among them and let them know why you are important?

Always, be positive in the content and let your user know about your passion which means you should now tell them about your profession. 

Introducing your passion more smartly can create a professional impact and your knowledge important for them.

After introducing yourself as well as about your profession now you should tell your users about your blog and why they should read it?

Cover every possible question that any random person can think about your blog. With an interesting way so that everything gets covered.

Don’t forget to mention your service and experiences if you have in a highlighted manner.
Add a few keywords related to the author bio and blog introductory post this helps you to rank a casual post on the search engine.

And at the least, not the last you should tell your user about your blog and why they should follow up.

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Make yourself confident every time you gonna write a word so that each time whenever someone reads the positive energy can flow in their veins.

This is the best way to attract someone and engage them to the targeted path. Have you ever guessed?

What happened to us when we read stories?

Everyone gets excited for the upcoming phase or what happens next?

After finishing the introduction don’t forget to wrap up everything in a ps (postscript) manner. Summarizing the whole content, in short, helps the user to understand in a very short period.

Writing an Introductory post can help your user to understand better about you and your blog category. 

Writing these posts doesn’t need to focus on the keywords it didn’t mean that you can’t add keywords. 

You can add relevant keywords, of your choice which you think has a great effect in ranking the post.

But If you planned to write your first or regular blog post then you should have to follow the standard and principles of SEO and can’t be written as an introductory post.

Below are a detailed guide on writing a blog post for better ranking and achievement.
How to write a blog post? Why you should focus on the way of writing?

It is very important to plan everything which specifies What do you need? what you have to do? What did you expect?

This means before getting started with writing your post you need to create a rough structure of your post. 

That what particular knowledge you need to write that post, what are important topics that should be considered, and what you should do differently.

So that your outcome will be different from others and is unique in its way. 
Graphical Representation of technique – 

Raw-Input Needed – Something different included – Unique Result 

So this is a basic Idea of planning you can do that in your way and can be better than this. Honestly, this is how I plan my posts and takes the help of a few apps that help me to write these awesome posts for you guys. 

I’ll talk later in the post about the best android apps for writing a great post. Now, after planning the raw structure it’s time, to begin with, the strategy that we have just planned. 
Let’s see the basic layout of a blog post so that it becomes understandable to you about my blog writing concepts.

seo friendly post
Image – MonsterBlogging

This is what a well written, search engine optimized post looks like.

  1. Unique and attractive blog title.
  2. Attention-grabbing introduction.
  3. Infographic poster, few small images. 
  4. Focus Keywords ( ~2-3 )
  5. The content length of more than 800 words.

That’s all for a great blog post consists of and what you need to do with your blog writing.
So, the first important thing is to generate a unique, tempting, SEO friendly title for the post.

Now, how to do that?

First of all, get ready with a pen and a piece of paper to note down the titles.

Now just open the desired search engine (here I’m using Google) and type the focus keyword and hit enter.

You will get the various posts and their title read all those titles to get some idea. Don’t try to copy it.

Head over to the related searches portion available down below the page. This is important for you to write down all these terms.

After writing, all those related searches try to stuff your focus keyword in the title appropriately.

Now, at the end of messing with the searches with your focus keyword, you will have your unique title with a 98℅ chance of getting clicked if properly, ranked.

Why did this going to happen?

Because you just added all the terms which are performed by the various Internet users. Their particular query is now in your title and once they see they surely click on the title.

So, this is how you have completed your first step of choosing a title for your post.
Now it’s time to write the blog post. Don’t worry you will write an awesome SEO optimized article.

For this, you need two important application or tool which is available on every platform and almost on every operating system.

  1. Grammarly
  2. Evernote

Grammarly – A must have a personal assistant to avoid grammatical errors while writings so if you have this then there is probably 0.01 percent of grammatical errors in your post.

This is important because most of the blogger feel underconfidence while writing just because of grammar.

So if you have or if you don’t have this should be with you it’ll help you with finding errors and save time on the go. The browser extension, the android app is available for this particular tool free of cost.

Evernote – If you don’t have on-the-go resources, to write your post then you should have this handy tool.

Different people have different ways to do the same work. Now, most of the bloggers prefer lappy to write the post on their respective tools. 

Why do they do so?

Cause the laptops are comfortable and also it is a portable device and can be easily carried anywhere. So people prefer this to do their work on the go.

But the problem occurred when if you don’t have that handy device or you don’t feel comfortable working on that. 

So for that, you can use the Evernote tool which is a great application available on major platforms to plan a meeting, write any post.

With a lot of features like setting an alarm for the completion of work, saving the incomplete work, statics, formatting, etc.

I use these two tools for writing my blog post even the post that you are reading now was written in Evernote.

Now, these two tools make my work easier whenever I feel or get something to compose I instantly, open the apps and write it in the shot.

This is how I made my work simpler you can also do that if you want highly recommended to all my readers.

Now using these two tools you can also compose the post and once you finished formulating the post you can simply make it available in the WordPress post area.

Where you can edit the post by doing a few edits before publishing the post.

Now once you finished writing the post and successfully managed to paste it to WordPress it’s time to do optimization.

Now try to include all those previously copied terms from google. And also don’t forget to stuff your focus keyword maximum 2 times recommended.

One focus keyword should be in your title and another keyword should be in heading and the content.

Adding the focus keyword more than 2 to 3 time lead to the against google algorithm, and can be punished by Google for that.

Add fewer synonyms of your focus keyword where you want it is totally up to you. Adding the keyword in the post now successfully done.

Time to add the infographics and the images to the post to make it engaging and attractive.
You should add images as per your post content, try to add a compressed image so that your blog speed would not be affected.

Place your infographics in the middle of the post explaining the importance of any topic with that infographics. Sometimes it becomes easy for someone to understand it faster and easier.

Now add the internal and external links. These are much important as per the viewpoint of search engine optimization.

Now that’s all about writing the blogpost form generating the title to writing an SEO optimized post.

If you are a newbie or don’t have premium, plugins or you use another platform you can go with this free guide on How to write a blog post for faster ranking?

And if you are using WordPress as your content management system then you should install these 5 WordPress plugins to get help with writing a good post.

Best 6 WordPress Plugin That Helps You In Writing a Killer Post

6 tools for Blog Writing
Image – MonsterBlogging
  1. Yoast SEO
  2. Pre-Post SEO
  3. Words Stats
  4. Easy Content Tables
  5. Thirsty Affiliates
  6. Grammarly ( Browser Extension)

#1 Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin

Do you want to save your extra expenses? That you pay for the SEO – Search Engine Optimization for your website/blog even also for your posts.

Or you don’t know how to do the optimization of any post or website/blog. Then this plugin could be your personal assistant and helps you in doing that by conferring the mistake that you done for SEO.

In the WordPress market, Yoast is popular and the No.1 plugin for search engine optimization purposes also helps in optimizing the readability of the post.

Yoast is a premium plugin also available for free with limited features. If you are interested to check it out you can go with the free version and after that if you like you can purchase it.

#2 Pre Post SEO WordPress Plugin

Are you worried about the title, meta description, keyword placement, content plagiarism, duplicate content, and other factors too? And wanted to have something that will help you.

Don’t worry, Pre Post SEO is made for this objective and deals better In these cases. Just install this plugin and leave the job done by this great plugin while you writing the post.

Here are the few highlighted features of this wordpress plugin.

  1. Link Counter
  2. Broken Link Detector
  3. Content Analyzer
  4. Calculate Keyword Density
  5. Meta tags Analyzer
  6. Also provides you the best suggestion to improve the quality of the content.

#3. Words Stats WordPress Plugin

So, after publishing the first post everyone curious about the performance of the postt like post stats, comments, shares etc.

Sometimes, you also need the stats of the published page and post types, so that you can have a reference of an individual post or an author post.

For everything that you need as mentioned in the above paragraph can be easily done by using a simple WordPress plugin that is the Words Stats WordPress plugin.

It allows displaying the word count of individual post type, page type stats on the admin dashboard for getting the word count and others stats too.

But if you wanted to display this information to your users you can simply do that with this plugin. It allows you to do that in a simple click you just need to enable the setting for this.

Here are the details of the plugin in detail. If you need the explanation of other plugins too just let me know your views in the comment section.

Here are the 29 Authorities Tips related to writing a great blog post that can easily rank on google.

  • Your blog title should be unique and attractive.
  • Your keyword should be in the title.
  • Content should be written in a conversational form.
  • Your blog post should not over-optimized.
  • For a better engagement rate, you should add media like images, videos, podcasts to the posts.
  • Try to add facts related to your posts for an impression.
  • Always update your content as per your user views.
  • Try to interact with users in your post.
  • Your word should be easily grabbable.
  • Avoid using passive verdicts.
  • Be clear with your words and their meaning.
  • The post must include the niche on what you are planned to write.
  • Try to co-relate every condition.
  • Always mentioned the credit if you use someone’s work.
  • Try to add a few professional words to have a great impression.
  • Always try to write short paragraphs.
  • Don’t forget to add quotes if you get a chance to add them.
  • You should add the faqs for better understanding.
  • Always try to write a postscript at the end of the post.
  • Don’t let your reader feel alone while reading the blog.
  • Add visuals for perfect impact.
  • You can add visuals through pop-ups also help you with email collection.
  • Always try to add Call To Action for enriching your post.
  • Boost up your On-Page SEO.
  • Try not to spam the posts from keywords stuffing, affiliate links used as needed.
  • Make your user know what you have added if there is an external link.
  • Add at least one Infographic poster.
  • Try to add relevancy to your post as much as possible.
  • Don’t forget to add a conclusion part at the end of the past.

Download The Free Killer Blogpost Template for your First Blogpost Template

Final verdict On – How To Write a Blog Post With First Blog Post Template

Writing a blog post can be interesting if you do it with your full attention and the result or the output will be surely different also will be loved by the audience.

Heres the prework is mandatory you need to some work before writing a post for the SEO purpose. Yoy need to do keyword research which helps you to draft a compelling blog post.

It doesn’t matter what type of post you are going to compose. It should be engaging, attractive and unique. No need to add extra content or designing just go for the real stuff what your user are in need?

If you are able to grab the need and attention of your audience then you are just a step away from your ranking goal.

So, here in this post I have covered the basic need of audience, how to fulfill it, the way of composing the post, first blog posts of famous bloggers, first blog post template, introductory blog post example, first blog post for a business and how to write a blog post.

I am pretty sure if you guys follow this writing strategy than you will get the 101% result and also your blog will rank faster then ever before.

Talking about the 29 authority tips shared here in the post are my own experiences which I have noticed and are the basic need of any blog post for ranking or composing.

You may have seen people, many bloggers have designed their custom blog post template using different blog dersigner like Elementor, Thrive and WP Page Bakery etc.

Thats good they have also work on their blog struicture which is pretty cool but the thingis that everyone incluifng myself only in search of great quality content not for the design.

So, I just wanted to address that “Content Is The King” work as much you can work on your content instead of designing.

Below is the Frequently Asked Question on the topic “How To Write Your First Blog Post“. Don’t forget to share your views on this post in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Question

What should I post on my first blog?

As above I have mentioned, that your blog post should be your first post on your targeted niche what you have to decide to start a blog. Instead of writing an Introductory post about your blog.

How do I promote my first blog post?

Promoting a blog isn’t a solution when you’re just started. Instead of wasting your time in promotion just try to write the post on the low difficulty and competitive keywords which helps you in grabbing the traffic.

What are 4 common types of blog?

Blogging is very vast there are so many types of blogs. Here are the few most popular blogs that exist:
1. Fashion Blog
2. Tech Blogs
3. Travel Blogs
4. Child Care Blog
5. Health Blog
6. News Blog
7. Micro Niche Blog etc.

Why do bloggers fail?

As I already told you, if you will not produce the engaging as well as unique content then you will surely gets fail. So to avoid the failure just do hard work try to publish unique, engaging and quality content.

How can I Increase my blog visibility?

There are only two different ways through which you can increase the visibility of your blog. Here these are:
1. Paid Advertisement – Using this technique you can promote your blog by investing money. But I will recommend you to not do this.
2. Organic Advertisement – Promoting your blog organically means grabbing the organic traffic. Working on low competitive keyword can have more affect then paid one.

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